Cheap SSD deals of the week

As HDDs enter their twilight years, SSDs have become the go-to storage choice for PC gamers. Their speed and performance combined with aggressive pricing make choosing an SSD over an HDD a no-brainer. The best gaming PCs use SSDs to bring down game loading times, especially in massive open-world games like Elder Scrolls Skyrim or Red Dead Redemption 2.  As games get bigger and bigger you should be able to keep all your favorite games on the best SSDs for gaming.

Here are the best cheap SSD deals of the week. There's a healthy variety of SATA SSDs with some awesome deals, along with our choices for best NVMe SSDs. And don't forget that with Black Friday SSD sales right around the corner, we will bringing you even bigger discounts as we get closer and closer to the shopping season, and big online retailers will be clamoring for your business.